I'm Regan.

I'm Regan.

I am a designer, digital artist and human currently residing in the friendly city of Brisbane, Australia.

My work includes Industrial/Product Design, Raster and Ray-traced 3D Rendering, Graphic/UI/UX Design and Photography.

I collaborate with a range of small to medium businesses, offering personable, timely and considered outcomes.

Below are some of my selected projects, usually combining elements from each field.

When I'm not turning my eyes square you'll find me on a bike, climbing a rock, or thinking about the future.

Let's work together! Drop a line at hello@regancrook.com
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Fortitude Valley State Secondary College

Year: 2020

Concept: COX + Thomson Adsett
Industrial Design/Drafting: Regan Crook + Architectural Metalworks Australia
Architectural Design: COX + Thomson Adsett
Builder: Hutchinsons Builders
Fabrication: Architectural Metalworks Australia
Installation: Architectural Metalworks Australia

'Fortitude Valley State Secondary College (FVSSC), which will also wear the title of the first vertical school in Brisbane, is located on a tight site between St Pauls Terrace and Brookes Street in Fortitude Valley. The school will act as a new education option for families in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane CBD, Newstead, Bowen Hills, New Farm and Hamilton.' - COX

Working in collaboration with Architectural Metal Works Australia and Hutchinsons Builders, RCS was contracted to aide with the design and drafting of various metal work across two buildings, one being the refurbished site of the orginal school and the other a seven storey tall addition built using cutting edge construction techniques.

The typical process involved understanding the architects/builders concept and brief, then translating this into a practical design using 3D CAD. This involved visiting the site to document existing services such as pipes and electrical conduits, then measuring and recording the heights and lengths of various features around the site to inform a 1:1 digital model of the space. This was then modelled over with a library of standard sections, extrusions, etc, and modified into various custom assemblies taking into consideration the pre-assessed onsite conflicts, manufacturability, installation requirements, accessibility, weight and the broader style and theme within the rest of the building. These various parts and assemblies were then rapidly detailed as drawings for the in house factory to produce, to be transported to site and installed.

Quandamooka Artists -
Stradbroke Island Place Markers

Year: 2019-2020

Meringinpah Site
Client: Redlands City Council
Concept: Belinda Close
Art Curation: CreativeMove
Signage Design: DotDash
Concrete Elements Design: Regan Crook
3D Visualisation: Regan Crook
Fabrication: Brisbane Based Fabricator
Photography: Redlands City Council

'Quandamooka artists Delvene Cockatoo-Collins and Belinda Close were tasked with creating new place markers to help visitors understand the rich history of the Quandamooka people and their connection with the land. Belinda Close’s artwork doubles as a weather vane and will be placed in Cabarita Park at Amity Point. “The work depicts the eagle soaring above in search of food and is of great cultural significance to the Quandamooka people.'- CreativeMove

This project began with a discussion around how manufacturability would tie into the execution the concept. Through a collaborative research and development process, CreativeMove and RCS determined a moulded glass fibre reinforced concrete option would be best suited to the environment, taking into consideration the location by the sea. This concept proposal was taken to the local community and elders for consultation, which was approved and installed accompanying an intricate sea eagle and wayfinding signage.

Eugarie Site
Concept: Delvene Cockatoo Collins
Client: Redlands City Council
Art Curation: CreativeMove
Signage Design: DotDash
Concrete Elements Design: Regan Crook, CreativeMove
3D Visualisation: Regan Crook
Fabrication: Brisbane Based Fabricator
Photography: CreativeMove

'Cockatoo-Collins said her trio of eugaries, to be placed at Point Lookout at the Gorge Walk trail head, were “symbolic of people coming together” and honoured a place of gathering for the Quandamooka people.' - CreativeMove

The Eugarue site was first established as a concept with the artist depicting three burying mollusks, this shape was combined with a pattern design by the artist that was applied using a sand blaster masked by a laser cut aluminum stencil. Considering cost, lead time, manufacturability, engineering. (steel structure, weight, lifting,) style and proportions, the object was designed in two halves to be joined together. The tab on the base joins to a concrete footing which is cast into a concrete slab on site.

Street + Garden

Custom Product Design Role
Year: 2015 - 2018

Featured Project: Denman Prospect
Concept: Red Box Design Group
Industrial Design: Regan Crook, Street + Garden
Fabrication: Brisbane Based Fabricator
Photography: Florian Groehn

Street + Garden offers both design development and full custom design as part of their services. Where a client has a concept in need of development, comprehending the concept and assessing its feasibility was crucial to time and cost efficiency. Where a full custom suite was required, considering factors such as site specific requirements, functionality, ergonomics, economic viability, longevity, maintenance, material choices and manufacturability determined the success of the product as well the client's project. In the following example project, Denman Prospect, the seating products were designed using 3D CAD in consultancy with an engineer, accompanying bin enclosures, bollards and bike racks were developed in the style of the seating to add a cohesiveness to the site,

Featured Product: Rock
Concept: Playscape Creations
Design: Regan Crook, Street + Garden

The Rock product was developed based on a concept by Playscape Creations for a hexagonal undulating shape that tessellates on multiple sides in order to create branching, modular configurations. The images below were used to secure design registrations on the product.

3D Visualisation Role
Year: 2016-2018
Industrial Design: Street + Garden
3D Visualisation: Regan Crook

In this role ray tracing software was used in order to produce high quality photorealistic renders, giving a detailed visual representation of the real product. This process was undertaken for the entire catalogue range in various formats and allowed an unlimited level of creative flexibility, along with saving a significant amount of time and money versus photography, enabling the website to launch on time.

Rebrand Role
Year: 2017
Branding Design: TheSumOf, Regan Crook, Street + Garden
Industrial Design: Regan Crook, Street + Garden, Alexander Lotersztain
Web Development: Lodestar Developers

The 2017 rebrand was a big step forward in the life of the business after 25 years. Kevin Finn (TheSumOf) was approached to lead the rebrand, chosen for his eye for style and considered philosophy centering around 'designing shared value' for all stakeholders in the furniture design process. Regan joined the Street + Garden team at this crucial time leading up to the launch in 2016, where his multifaceted technical knowledge contributed to directing the website concept, and creating a cohesive art style and content production standard for the business. This included various types of documentation such as product specifications, suite specifications, project brochures, warranty information, etc, along with developing the workflow to produce 2D and 3D CAD in the relevant format to allow architect's to conveniently specify the S+G catalogue products within their landscape models.

Understanding the content required, this helped inform the website design which was developed in collaboration with Lodestar developers, The hierarchy of the information required a broad overview of the websites requirements to deliver specific information in a scalable way. The website was populated with content produced in house, this was completed for 75 unique products, each with multiple variations and levels of configurability. Considering the future of the business and expansion of the product catalogue, time was taken to redesign the SKU system in order to adapt to the broad range of existing and potential products. Systemising this helped the S+G team better manage the organisation of products by integrating it with Xero's ordering and invoicing system with custom designed templates, creating a seamless handover of jobs between the accounts and production management departments.

The example below shows brochures produced in Adobe Indesign using custom master templates and custom rendered image content combined with existing project photos. This was replicated and customised for each catalogue product, project and various other documents for both internal use and website use as downloadable documents for the customer.


Client: Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Year: 2018

Concept: Jonathon Bolitho (Lumiforms)
Fabrication: Jonathon Bolitho
Industrial Design: Regan Crook
3D Visualisation: Benjamin Donnelly

'Ember is an immersive installation that evokes an awareness of natural ephemera and the cycles of growth and renewal that surround us every day. Created by installation was installed as part of Parco Techni at the iconic Cathy Freeman Park in Sydney Olympic Park. Twenty upright timber nodes, blackened by charcoal using an ancient Japanese technique known as ‘Shou Sugi’, evoke the feeling of wandering through an Australian bushland environment. At night, pulsing lights emanate from the centre of each node: a semi-translucent cube that has been individually cast from the charred timber itself to create the illusion of a glowing ember. Arranged in an organic undulating form, the nodes offer a guiding light for people as the flickering light appears to jump between them' - Jonathon Bolitho

The design drawings were presented to the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to show the required level of design and manufacture consideration needed win the tender. Presented in combination with the well established concept provided by Jonathon Bolitho, and the 3D Visualisation provided by Benjamin Donnelly, SOPA was pleased to award the main contract to Lumiforms.


Client: Starfish Initiatives
Year: 2018

Concept: Jonathon Bolitho
Project Visuals: Jonathon Bolitho
Industrial Design: Regan Crook
3D Visualisation: Regan Crook
Sound Design: Harry Hock
Fabrication: Rocklea Pressed Metals

'Holochar, commissioned by Starfish Initiatives for their UN Environment funded Biochar for Sustainable Soils initiative, is an immersive model that utilises a holographic 360 degree display to visualise biochar at the molecular level. Through the combination of custom 3D graphics and sound design, Holochar aims to provide an in-depth and engaging insight into the properties of biochar. By weaving together an understanding of Biochar’s different processes and functions, we are able to better explain its crucial role in regenerative soil and ecosystem management at both the micro and macro level.' - Jonathon Bolitho

The 2mm aluminum enclosure was designed, manufactured and assembled in 4 weeks, incorporating a retracting overhead 1440 x 1440 LCD Monitor that projects a specially designed 4 sided view video on to a perspex pyramid to produce a holographic effect known as a 'peppers ghost'. The enclosure featured a locking hinged door, an upper shelf for a laptop, a lower shelf for the subwoofer and sound system, and fixed casters that are removal using a butterfly nut.

Personal Art

In my spare time I enjoy working on concept art and illustrations.


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